“Neon Bible” en images!

Création d’un fan “freak” ou autre amuse-gueule en attendant ce fameux album?

NDLR: La section “comments” contient de nouveaux renseignements à ce sujet (merci Hervé).

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    Arcade Fire Reveal Tracklist, Release Date, More Shows
    “Do you remember how music used to make you feel?”

    It’s an Arcade Fire weekend!

    Barely 24 hours after revealing their second album’s first single, the band has unleashed a slew of information on their thirsty fans.

    According to a terrifically silly YouTube video posted by the band (and confirmed by their manager), Neon Bible will be out March 5 in Europe and March 6 in North America on Merge Records. It will contain the following songs, clips of which can be heard in said video:

    01 Black Mirror
    02 Keep the Car Running
    03 Neon Bible
    04 Intervention
    05 Black Wave/ Bad Vibrations
    06 Ocean of Noise
    07 The Well and the Lighthouse
    08 (Antichrist Television Blues)
    09 Windowsill
    10 No Cars Go
    11 My Body Is a Cage

    The album is “written, arranged, performed and produced by the Arcade Fire”, with artwork by Tracy Maurice, the same artist behind Funeral’s design.

  • Merci de confirmer Hervé!

    “Keep The Car Running” à l’air de faire référence à “No Cars Go”, c’est mignon.

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